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The DRC and Uganda: Even More Confusion
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Both Countries are Considered to Be Allies of this Administration. There are underlying tensions between both countries. Causes of the Tensions include Militias, Refugees and even Oil!!!

Part I The DRC

Ever since the days of the Mobuto Regime the Democratic Republic of the Congo (ex-Zaire) has been an ally of the United States. From assisting UNITA forces in Angola to supporting key covert operations Mobuto Sese Seko was a good friend to several Administrations.

After his death the Congo imploded. Some of the violence was a spill over of the tragic fighting in Rwanda which saw Millions of People perish with a span of only 30 days. When the fighting in the Congo began it lasted for over four years and involved six other African States. Some of the Legacies of the fighting include untold number of women raped as a Weapon, Natural Resources Looted and a decrease in the Gorilla Population in the East.

Part II Uganda

Uganda has its own plethora of problems at this juncture. An Insurgency has plagued the Northern Part of the Country for 20 years now. The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) the force conducting the rebellion has in the past replenished its ranks by raiding Internal Displacement Camps (IDP Camps) and kidnapping Children. Also Ugandan Troops were the first forces on the ground in Somalia to be part of the African Union Peacekeeping Force that will assist the Transitional National Government in reestablishing a Centralized Government.

Recently the Leaders of both Nations were in Washington. Joseph Kabila represented the Democratic Republic of the Congo. President Yoweri Museveni represented Uganda. And both had received diametrically different reactions from the White House.

Part III The United States and the Future

As stated above both Presidents received different reactions from President Bush. President Museveni received gratitude for his Nation's Support for the Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia. And the US is supporting the Peace Talks efforts in Juba, Sudan. But President Kabila received pressure to increase the Security Situation in the Eastern Part of the Country. There have been several offensives in the Kivu Provinces to root out Militias from both Rwanda and Uganda that have used the rugged terrain as a base of Operations.

Furthermore there has been a recent increase in the Exploration of Oil in the Lake Albert Region. According to Press Reports from the Region there was at least one border class between Ugandan and DRC Forces. There are now reports of Cholera in the Region.

There have been several investigations in the region that deserve answers. They are:

1.) Where is the Second in Command of the LRA Vincent Otti? there are reports that he has died or is seriously ill. with the recent rain and reports of Cholera his death is a possiblity.

2.)In June the CIA launched an Investigation to determine whether or not a Militia had contacts with the Ugandan Opposition. What is the status of that Investigation?

3.)We know that there are several concerted efforts by the International Community to assist the Children of Northern Uganda to reenter society. When will a similar effort be made to assist the countless number of Rape Victims in the Democratic Republic of the Congo? they need the aid just as much as the Children do. And Why is the World so silent over the issue?

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